Funeral Costs

Cemetery and Gravesite Costs

As with all other types of real estate, the key to pricing gravesites is usually location, location, location.  Sometimes public cemeteries owned by a city or county, and are therefore less expensive than private cemeteries.  Grave plots have been knows to be as low as $400 but can be as much as $10,000.

Grave Opening and Closing Fees

Often these funeral costs can be significant, often times as much as the grave plot itself.  Prices range from $300 to $1,000; however, weekend and holiday rates can double or even triple the grave open and closing fee.

Grave Site Set Up Fees

Cemeteries and Funeral Homes can often charge a fee for preparing the grave site with Astro Turf, folding chairs and other accessories for a gravesite service.  Ask about this fee so you’re not surprised by an unexpected bill for several hundred dollars.

Graveside Service Fees

A graveside service is a brief ceremony at the cemetery next to the place of burial. The funeral home coordinates the delivery of the casket to the cemetery and oversees the ceremony at the cemetery. Graveside services range from $200 to $1,700.

Temporary Burial Marker Costs

Temporary burial markers will mark the location of the grave until a permanent headstone can be created. Temporary markers cost around $20.

Other Funeral and Cremation Costs

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