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When thinking about the subject of funeral music, instead of leaving your family wondering “what type of funeral songs you would have wanted“, you can help your family by giving them funeral planning instructions.  Take care of the practical details yourself instead of asking them to manage the emotional stress and cost of your funeral.

Since each person coping with loss will do so in different ways, you unfortunately cannot control the grieving you may leave behind.  However, when it comes to your “celebration of life”, you have the opportunity to be in complete control.  Therefore,why not preplan a funeral with everything selected in advance so you can make this a special life tribute to be remembered!

Given the fact that most individuals and families do not create a comprehensive document to preplan a funeral, document their final plans and preferences, nor do most people look into learning and implementing a plan regarding how to  prepay funeral expenses, this usually places their families and loved ones in some difficult situations.  Given the large number of funeral planning challenges, the limited amount of time most families have for planning the funeral and memorial services, the emotional aspects of coping with grief and loss, as well as working through the wide array of funeral arrangements, options, and funeral costs, this can usually lead to a much higher probability of making poor funeral planning and/or financial decisions.

Allocating Funeral Costs

When asked, many people simply want their end of life planning to include the cost of a funeral and burial instructions.  The problem is that if you don’t document these preferences, your family will not be afforded the luxury of knowing these last wishes.  So by all means, tell them now.  For example, if you are OK with a “pine box” versus a more expensive metal casket or if you want a Church filled with lilies or other funeral flowers, then tell your family by putting it in writing.

In fact, you can actually remove any guilt that might arise from the fear of being “cheap” by specifying not only your preferences of funeral costs, but also you reasons behind making these choices.  For example, you can come right out and leave behind your wishes for your loved ones, telling them something like “I would rather see my money go toward educating my grandchildren versus an elaborate casket or funeral flowers or funeral music”.  After all, what everyone else thinks really doesn’t matter.

Selecting Music

You cannot lose sight of the fact that, without sounding selfish, the reality is that this life celebration is really all about you. Therefore, you have every right to request a grand celebration with lots of fun, laughing, dancing, and music.  Some of us may not want the typical “traditional funeral” and accompanying “traditional funeral songs”.  If people know you for your great sense of humor, then you may choose to have your loved ones laugh and have fun rather than spend this special day crying over sad grief songs and videos.  The fact of the matter is you only get one chance, so it is really your opportunity to create that “special time to be remembered”.

So if you are preplanning a funeral and your end-of-life plans and preferences, this certainly includes choosing the “right” funeral music.  The most important thing to focus on here is this:  make sure the funeral music you’ve selected fits you…and how your loved ones remember you.  This can be very therapeutic for everyone since music can dramatically heighten the ability of your loved ones to connect the great memories of those moments they shared with you. Keep in mind that you probably don’t want your loved to be bombarded with sad funeral songs during your memorial. Music is inspiring and can be used to enhance memorial services and remember the joy a passed loved one brought to their lives.

Who Says it Has to be Sad Funeral Music?

Just because it’s your funeral doesn’t mean that it has to be accompanied by your typical funeral hymns, sad funeral songs, and lots of tears.  Since you have the ability to preplan these details in advance, why not help your loved ones by telling them exactly what type of funeral music you prefer, and will comfort them, along with other elements of the ceremony.  Heck, you may choose to throw the farewell celebration of a lifetime…maybe have one of your favorite bands play…or maybe just simply crank up the rock n’ roll music on the stereo and dance all night.  Regardless of what you choose, PLEASE do yourself and your family a favor…document it now!