Memorial Technology

Memorial Website

Personalized Memorial Tributes to Help Share, Celebrate, and Remember

A memorial website is a personalized place on the Internet which is specifically designed to celebrate a loved ones life story, and memories.  It is very easy to understand why most Funeral Directors are encouraging their families to take advantage of this new funeral technology as a part of their funeral planning process.  The reason this is a great tool for families is because it serves as one common place on the Internet where friends and family can come together and share, remember, and celebrate the memories through these online tributes.

Memorial Website Features and Benefits

The options and capabilities of a memorial website have improved significantly over the past few years as new technologies are constantly being introduced.  Some of the features and benefits of these online memorial tributes include the ability to offer the ability upload photos and videos, post stories or poems, offer condolences, communicate with others, take advantage of unlimited storage, and even send funeral flowers or make charitable donations.

Another great feature of these online tributes is they can be accessed from anywhere in the world that offers Internet access, allowing family members and loved ones from all of the world to join together and contribute their feelings, thoughts, memories, or grief and loss.  To ensure privacy and security, memorial websites can also be password protected, allowing you to provide access to only those who you choose.

This brief video describes some of the features and benefits below:

Top 5 Reasons Most Families are Choosng a Memorial Website:

1.   They can be shared from anywhere in the world
2.   Each part of these online tributes can be personalized
3.   They provide the ability to upload photos, documents, or a video tribute
4.   They offer unlimited content storage, creating an everlasting tribute
5.   A low cost memorial tribute that becomes a never-ending Family Keepsake

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