Funeral Home Service and Online Obituaries

Today’s Families are Creating Online Obituaries

Traditional Obituaries

Obviously, the death of someone is a touchy subject, especially when it is a loved one.  As is the custom, death notices are produced by a family member, and submitted to the local newspapers for publication.  Along with the help of a funeral home associate, the family announces the loss of their loved one, and encourages well-wishers and friends to acknowledge the deceased, and provide information about memorial services.

Online Obituaries

The Advent of Digital Technology

We all know the Internet and the social media revolutions have rung the death knell for traditional newspapers.  Print newspaper sales are in deep decline, as advertising revenues have been diverted to other media.  Traditional obituaries are typically a revenue source for the newspaper editors, but the growing population of people today are not choosing to read the obituary section every day, as they have in the past.

As our population embraces digital technology and abandons traditional print media, there is a brand new market currently underserved.  Today’s world of memorial technology is moving rapidly, so this exponential growing need to access important information is every bit as pertinent.  The delivery system of the all-important and sensitive information contained in an obituary remains a large piece of our cultural fabric.  So if print is experiencing a slow and steady decline, then obituaries must go online.

Online Obituaries

Online obituaries provide the ability to send out a professionally-crafted, beautiful, full-color template.  These customized and personalized  templates on the Internet contain all of the pertinent data families and loved ones will need.  Some of the other valuable features and benefits can include a picture, and links to funeral flowers, new memorial technology, as well as social networks such as Facebook, etc.

More families are choosing to create and share their obituary online, and notify their friends and family electronically through email and social networking.  These beautiful remembrance pieces are tasteful, and provide all of the necessary information about funeral service such as the location and time, date, as well as where the memorial services or burial places will be held.

The need for sending a death notice via the Internet is growing, and most Funeral Home and Cemetery Directors are now recommending or providing this kind of valuable service to their families.

Military Obituary

Key Advantages of an Online Obituary

1.  Every loved ones passing deserves a special message that can be easily accessed or distributed.

2.  An E-obituary is economical, easy to compose, in good taste, and is respectfully presented with the sole focus on your loved one.

3.  You no longer have to rely on any person or professional to submit this all-important and time-sensitive information, nor use a publication such as a newspaper that might not reach your intended target.

4.  E-obituaries messages are delivered anywhere in the world via the Internet.  This delivery can be accomplished through any device that receives email, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.  This gives your intended recipients the opportunity to forward your email, as well as provides a link to family and friends on social network platforms for further distribution.  (Note:  You are also notified of undeliverable messages so that another option can be pursued.)

5.  Since the loss of a loved one is usually a time to cope with grief and loss, online obituaries can relieve you from many long, drawn-out phone calls. At such a difficult time, many people don’t have the desire, time, or strength for these phone conversations.

6.  E-obituaries are available in four languages with more to come.

7.  E-obituaries can be used as an estate planning tool, providing the ability to build a distribution list of key people to notify in the event of death.

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Communicating accurate and timely information in the wake of a death can be difficult.  Often times those who are closest to the deceased are typically coping with loss and making funeral arrangements to speak directly with everyone who the death affects.

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In Loving Memory E-Mail provides a solution that simplifies sharing information so that the departed can be properly memorialized.  By using their online obituary system, this ensures that news travels fast.  Their E-obituaries are published immediately online and e-mailed to a recipient list, so they can be forwarded easily.  They also allow families to personalize their E-obituaries through different backgrounds and fonts options.   You can also choose to make your obituary simple or creative, as well as feature a picture or religious symbol.

Most importantly, In Loving Memory E-Mail is not only effective but highly economical.

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