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There are two steps to identifying the most appropriate funeral technology, merchandise and services to enhance your loved ones memorial tribute.

Step 1.)  Learning and Choosing

Since planning a funeral or memorial services usually involves time constraints, the first key factor is the make sure your family, friends, and loved ones work together to research and learn about the wide variety of the top memorial planning options available today.

Given today’s large and growing list of funeral resources, many families find this to be the most time consuming and overwhelming part of the funeral planning process.  This can be especially true given the advent of the Internet and explosive growth in new funeral memorial technology tools, offering families and loved ones the opportunity to create new ways for funeral services, burial ceremonies, cremation ideas, as well as adding to memorial services.

Step 2.)  Selecting a Solid Funeral Professional and Company

Second, once you have identified your funeral home, funeral director, memorial service, merchandise, and/or services, the next step is equally important and difficult; choosing a Funeral Home, Funeral Director, and companies.  It is these funeral planning professionals who will be largely responsible for helping you create and implement the things you want, and also making sure you get these things accomplished when you need them.

And just like the first step mentioned earlier, you are planning all of this while likely facing a combination of challenges such as time constraints, potentially large funeral costs and budgets, planning an important event, making sure you notify and invite all of the appropriate people, work through family disagreements, and of course, coping with the emotional stages of grief and loss. Is Here to Help

Our mission is to help you make each of these steps easier.  We do this by first providing you with a list of what we believe to be the most common, useful, and healing memorial planning options.   When we identify and determine that a funeral technology, merchandise, or service is what many families can benefit from, we attempt to simplify these options by putting together easy-to-understand articles and information, educational funeral videos, as well as work hard every day to ensure our Resource Center a is a user-friendly tool and valuable experience.

We also try help you through maintaining our National Directory of Pre-Screened Funeral Professionals. of credible and qualified Funeral Homes, Cemeteries, Crematories, as well as Funeral Professionals/Companies.  We work hard to identify and separate those who we believe to offer these resources with a solid combination of high quality, low cost, and excellent customer service.

A Message From the Founder

Whether you are searching for funeral help regarding funeral etiquette, mausoleums, burial insurance, or the amazing new gravestone technology, our online Resource Center has been built exclusively for you.

As the Founder of this Resource Center, I have lost a very close loved one, so I feel like I can relate to what you are experiencing.  More importantly, I can use my personal experience to help you find what you are searching for, as well as help educate you regarding the many new and helpful funeral resources that most families are choosing today.

Hopefully you will be able to see our pure and genuine goal is helping you make a difficult situation easier.  It was only a few years ago that I lost someone very near and dear to me.  A special person that I admired, appreciated, and loved with all my heart and soul.  And it is this personal experience that has inspired me to keep working hard every day and make sure that others have a better experience.

My true mission, passion, and inspiration is for this funeral planning Resource Center is to offer families and Funeral Directors a place to turn to for the most common and valuable funeral resources available.  Another focus is helping families locate a credible Funeral Professional who has their best interests at heart.

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