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Memorial Ideas – Cremation Memorials

A cremation memorial is a wonderful memorial idea.  Cremation memorials incorporate a portion of a loved one’s cremated remains into the memorial. This creates a very personal memorialization to the loved one. Not only invoking memories but providing a physical connection with those we have lost.

Cremations are just the first step in the memorialization process. Cremation offers an vast variety of memorial options to honor and remember our loved ones. Just as families have memorialized their loved ones with headstones or grave markers for generations now, in cremation families should be presented cremation memorial options today. When cremation began gaining popularity in the last century, cremation urns were used to contain the remains that were immediately introduced. These cremation urns were a place to hold the cremains like the caskets and coffins hold the body for burial. However, in the last 20 years, memorialization options for those who have been cremated are expanding into wonderful tributes in the form of cremation memorials.

A cremation memorial provides a very tangible sense of comfort and relief from the grief that is experienced when a loved one is lost. Anthropologists and historians have found that man has been memorializing those that have passed on since the beginning of man. It is thought that art was created to express feelings such as grief. Memorialization has the very beneficial effect of helping us get through the process of grieving. By connecting with the lost loved one through the personalized art some find a sense of comfort.