Funeral Eulogy Guides

Guides to Giving a Funeral Eulogy

Knowing how to give a eulogy can be a beneficial experience for not only yourself, but also for those who come to the funeral service or memorial services.  Not everyone can express their feelings, tell stories about their loved one, and have the composure to make it through a eulogy without breaking down.

So although many people think that giving a eulogy and writing a eulogy can be difficult, if you have been selected to give a eulogy for a loved one, consider it an honor and know that you were chosen for a reason.  The most common reason is that the family members know you will give a good eulogy because of your abilities as well as your prior relationship with the deceased.

If you are planning a funeral and would like helpful information about making funeral arrangements such as giving a eulogy, we have complied a list of 10 of our best tips, specific eulogy help for key loved ones, and you can also read our blog post here entitled;  How to Give a Eulogy.

Top 10 Tips on How to  Give a Good Eulogy:

  1. Giving a eulogy is a good thing for you
  2. Don’t feel like you have to accept this offer
  3. Creating a eulogy will be difficult
  4. Don’t worry about time
  5. Remember who to speak to
  6. Be sure to put your thoughts in writing
  7. You might be struck with emotion or cry
  8. Practice, practice, practice
  9. Prepare yourself for in case something goes wrong
  10. Consider using humor

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