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Considerations When Writing a Father’s Eulogy

Regardless of your age or your relationship with a parent, the loss can be particularly difficult. The reality is there is a part of us that will always feel like a child…and their child…no matter how grown-up, sophisticated, or old we become.

When your father dies, the feelings you experience may not only be confusing, but you may also feel vulnerable and unprotected. After all, your father is usually your role model, the man you look up to, and the man you might always turn to for support or protection.

Below are four types of eulogies for fathers that you can consider depending on your personal situation. By using some of these ideas as well as adding your own details to each funeral eulogy, this should help bring back those fond memories that comfort you, and should also comfort those who join you in mourning his passing.

1. Traditional father eulogy
You can begin by mentioning his birth and childhood. You can also talk about where he grew up, his parents, and any of his siblings. Then maybe share a story from your father’s childhood, whether serious or humorous. You can also mention any significant pieces of his life such as college, friends, or military memorial experiences. Then you can talk a little about when he met your mother and the great life they shared. As you end, think about reflecting on his career and any accomplishments, painting the picture of the man everyone knew.

2. Funny father eulogy:
Begin by describing a funny story or, conversely, a challenging moment that your father faced, depending on the mood you want to set. You can try to keep the entire eulogy humorous and light, particularly if your father was also very humorous. Then you can consider ending with something serious such as; “When I look out at all of you here, I can’t help but remember the times so many of us spent with my father. I can see in your eyes how much you all love and miss him, and I know he his wish would be for us to remember him as if he were here right now.”

3. Write a father poem
Reciting poetry often can reveal your deepest feelings about your father. It can also bring to life emotions that otherwise couldn’t be expressed, since you are usually able to share at the very deepest level through poetry. To find help, you can find volumes of wonderful poetry that you can either recite directly, or use it as a base to create your own poem.

4. Using a father letter
Writing a letter for your father is can often be a well-liked and common alternative. The reason why this can be popular is you can write this letter as if you are speaking directly to him, or even speaking for him. This allows you to highlight things about his lifetime such as what he experienced, the lessons he learned, and the great life he enjoyed. You can end this type of eulogy by talking about how much he taught you through your life, and how instrumental he was in forming the person you are today.

No matter what type you choose, the best way to take comfort is usually be reflecting on all the great memories you shared, and the lessons you learned. This is best when you can reflect not only on the memories that you shared when you were younger, but also the times you shared together as adults.

Contributing Author, Hal Stephens

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