How to Choose a Cemetery

Important Considerations When
Choosing a Cemetery

Whether you are in charge of the funeral planning or involved in assisting with the funeral arrangements for a loved one, many people would agree that the single most important decision you will face is choosing the “right” Funeral Home, Cemetery, and Funeral Director.

Most families choose a Cemetery because it is close to their home, this particular Cemetery has served many members of their family in the past, or the Cemetery or Funeral Director has been recommended by someone they view as a credible resource.

Considerations to Choosing a Cemetery

There are many important details to consider when selecting a Cemetery for burial planning or burial preplanning.  Below are just a few examples of why each Cemetery can be unique, as well as why it would be a wise decision to look into arranging this planning and preparation in advance:

•  Some Cemeteries have Mausoleums available, while others may not

•  A number of Cemeteries have additional costs for things such as the actual gravesite digging, burial vaults, and more.

•  Many Cemeteries today offer the ability for families to take advantage of new gravestone technology, which can be applied to the gravestone of those loved ones recently passed, as well as added to the existing headstones of past generations of family members.

•  Certain Cemeteries may or may not allow Monuments, also know as upright headstones

•  Yet other Cemeteries have certain restrictions regarding their gravesites and how you can use funeral flowers and other memorials.

So as you can see, in addition to finding the “right” Cemetery location and Funeral Director, it is also very extremely important to learn everything you can about details such as possible restrictions, additional costs, the different burial options, and many other details that might be very important to you.

The main message here is that the more you can research and learn, the more educated and empowered you will be to choose the Cemetery that can create the best overall experience that is what you and your family are searching for.

Green Funeral and Green Burials

There are many people seeking to live a simple and natural life in respect to environment, up to and including their burial.  The main purpose of Green Burials, or natural burials, is to ensure that the burial site remains as natural as possible with respect to being “environmentally friendly”.

If a natural burial site is something you are interested in, the Green Burial Council has information about green cemeteries which promote the growth of native trees, shrubs and wildflowers.  With these types of Green Cemeteries, water is not wasted and pesticides and herbicides are not used, with the main goal in mind of protecting nature.  Other aspects of a green funeral are utilizing bio-degradable caskets, shrouds, or a favorite blanket.  There is also no embalming fluid or concrete vaults are used.