Memorial Technology

Memorial Diamonds

Personalized Cremation Memorial Heirlooms

Memorial diamonds are created to honor and remember a loved one, family member, friend, or even a special pet.   These personalized diamonds are created by taking a small amount of a loved ones cremation ashes, or even a lock of hair, which are then combined along with a genuine, certified diamond.  Memorial diamonds can serve as a family keepsake and family heirloom that can be cherished for generations to come.

A memorial diamond will contain the essence of your loved one forever, since it serves as a tangible memorial of a loved one, which is then mounted into a setting of cremation jewelry.  They can be set into a vast selection of settings in both white and yellow gold.

See Why Families are Creating a Personalized Memorial Diamonds:

Memorial diamonds not only serve as a special memorial of a loved one, but they have two other unique features:

1.  They are Eco-Friendly

Using the personal carbon of a loved one, the lab diamond creation process mimics the earth’s high pressure, high temperature to create a memorial diamond in 70 days or less, a fraction of the time to create a natural diamond.

2.  They are Conflict-Free

•  While other synthetic diamonds are just simple gems, memorial diamonds are 100% personally hand-crafted.
•  In addition, these memorial diamonds are professionally certified, verifying they are genuine and authentic diamonds.
•  These invaluable diamonds also serve as a family heirlooms, and are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Available in various cuts, sizes and five elegant colors of stunning red, sparkling yellow-green, warm cognac, dazzling blue and striking white, memorial diamonds afford family members one of the most individually unique memorial opportunities available in current times.

These memorial diamonds represent a distinctive way to capture the essence of a loved one and allow family members to hold on to their memories by creating a family keepsake that can be passed on for many future generations.

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