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Preparing The Best Funeral Eulogy For A Child

Nothing is as unimaginable as the death of a child. Whether the child is very young, or the loss is of an adult child, it is a parent’s most awful nightmare.

If you are delivering a funeral eulogy for a child, you may wish for a more traditional funeral speech. Such a speech must be written with care, sensitivity and warmth. Your eulogy will likely focus on touching the hearts of everyone, and include insights that should help to gather strength.

Eulogies for a young child who has been taken suddenly are usually delivered by a relative or family friend. This speech can be extremely difficult as it typically seeks to sum up many of the feelings of despair, anger, confusion and sorrow that accompany the sudden death of a small child.

Some important elements:

  1. Write everything down so you are focused, and try to keep the eulogy less than 10 minutes
  2. Attempt to share upbeat recollections, rather than exacerbate the sadness, sorrow, and loss
  3. Although you will be focusing on your relationship with the deceased, you should also be sure to mention other friends and relatives who shared a close relationship
  4. Be sure to provide a copy of your speech to someone else if you feel there is a strong possibility you may break down and become unable to deliver this eulogy

Gather information by things such as jotting down as many personal notes about the deceased as possible. Also, reviewing photo albums may remind you of important things to mention about this child. A eulogy is mostly about your personal thoughts, your personal views, and your personal remembrances.

Begin to organize your content by outlining the funeral eulogy in these steps:

  1. A beginning to establish a main theme that best describes this loved one
  2. A middle section to build on your theme with personal stories, information, quotes, comments, sayings, poems and other content. This information will likely represent the large majority of your eulogy
  3. A short conclusion to summarize your thoughts and restate your theme

More key tips:

  1. Keep it short, 4-8 minutes long, and 3-7 typed pages.
  2. Type it out via 14 pt type so it’s simple to convert.
  3. Practice performing the eulogy clearly and time yourself.
  4. Write the content in excellent taste and keep it encouraging.
  5. You may also consider asking others for their stories and memories.

You will likely see some repetition in your notes, which can be helpful in leading you to the main theme. Following some of these suggestion might help you to battle through these obvious challenging and create something that is a special and rewarding tribute.

Contributing Author, Hal Stephens

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