Memorial Technology

New Technology Offers Memorial Services Options

New Technologies Can Enhance a Life Tribute

Given the exponential growth of the Internet and technology, more families are using the Internet to search for their funeral and memorial service planning help and information.  Not surprisingly, the funeral industry is also constantly evolving and adapting by introducing new and innovative memorial technology tools.

Therefore, most Funeral Directors are encouraging their families to learn more about these cutting-edge memorial planning options, since they can help create a more meaningful tribute and life celebration.

“When my family and I lost a close loved one, we never knew these helpful new funeral technology tools existed.  If your Funeral Director has encouraged you to learn more about these new and innovative memorial options, he or she should be commended.”
Christopher P. Hill, Founder,

1.  Memorial Website:

Families join and share together from anywhere…
Honor and tribute through online memorials

Some of the Key Features and Benefits:

  • Everlasting personalized websites
  • Can be password-protected
  • Allows everyone to join together in one place on the Internet
  • Join from anywhere in the world with Internet access
  • Share stories and memories of a loved one through pictures, videos, poems, special notes
  • Make special Donations to a preferred Church, Association, or Cause.
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2.  Video Tributes

Most families add a fitting DVD Tribute to their memorial service…
A powerful combination of personalized photos, funeral music, and video

View a Tribute

Some of the Key Features and Benefits:

  • Most common memorial option used for a memorial service
  • Offer a special tribute and celebration of life
  • Powerful combination of music, photos, and video
  • Choose the music and songs of your choice
  • Personally select meaningful words
  • Coordinate a lifetime of pictures and special memories
  • Tell the unique story of a loved ones life
  • These treasured family keepsake help heal and remember
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3.  Memorial Diamonds:

This high-tech memorial uses genuine and personalized diamonds…
Creating a family heirloom and lifelong tribute that keeps memories close

Some of the Key Features and Benefits:

  • New technology offers the ability to create a personalized memorial diamond
  • Diamonds are genuine, guaranteed, and hand-crafted
  • Specifically designed to help cherish the memories of a loved one forever
  • Diamonds contain a small amount of cremated ashes (or lock of hair)
  • Excellent way to keep a loved one close and remember a loved one
  • Rapidly becoming a popular cremation memorial option
  • Helps create a special family heirloom.
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4.  Gravestone Technology:

Cutting-edge technology brings “new life” Headstones…
Generations remember a life’s story with pictures, videos, messages

Some of the Key Features and Benefits:

  • New technology offers “new life” to gravestones
  • Coordinates and integrates with cell phones and the Internet
  • Families can share and learn much more than a name, words, and date
  • Can be used for a new or existing headstone or gravesite
  • Families can share the detailed story of a loved one’s life
  • View pictures, videos, personal stories and details
  • Designed to last for thousands of years and generations to come
  • Store and accessible online forever
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5.  Funeral Webcasting:

Can’t attend a funeral?  New technology allows you to “attend” online…
See why FOX News rated this technology:  “#1 Tech Trend of 2010

Some of the Key Features and Benefits:

  • FOX News rated this new technology the “#1 Top Tech Trend of 2010
  • Excellent option when someone cannot attend a funeral for whatever reason
  • Families can actually view the Memorial Service “live” on the Internet
  • One of the most popular technologies families are adding to their memorial service
  • The only requirement to view this special occasion is access to the Internet
  • Safety and security is ensured through using a password-protected website
  • If you cannot view the “live” service, the video can be stored for a later date
  • Copies of the service are available for a family keepsake
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6.  Memorial Reefs:

Families can choose a new cremation memorial – an underwater living legacy…
Memorial Reefs offer green burials at sea versus ash scattering or urns

Some of the Key Features and Benefits:

  • Increasingly popular cremation option for those who loved the water or sea
  • Environmentally friendly memorial reefs also called “green burials at sea”
  • Families can now create a permanent underwater living legacy
  • Healing option to choose an appropriate final resting place
  • Offers a new choice versus cremation urns. ash scattering, or a burial
  • Families are encouraged to actively participate in the memorial service
  • Ability to join together and create a personalized memorial reef
  • Popular Military option, especially for those who served in the Navy
  • Special Military Honors Ceremony offered for every veteran
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