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When faced with the need to plan a funeral, this can be one of the most emotional and confusing times in a person’s life. Whether you have recently lost a loved one, or you want to preplan a funeral, the amount of choices and decisions families face can be overwhelming and daunting.  Of course, these decisions need to be made during an especially difficult time of your life and when you coping with loss, as well as likely working through the stages of grief.

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If you are considering a cremation for a loved one, looking for more information about cremations, or searching for help with funeral arrangements or planning a cremation service, we truly hope this information below should help serve as a guide to answer some of the most common questions and concerns.

The Facts About Cremations

By definition, cremations are a process of reducing the human body to bone fragments using high heat and flame, and then, a process of refining the remains. The result is not the  “ash” most of us commonly relate to, but rather a refined product which is often referred to in the funeral industry as “cremains”.  Cremation is very different from the final disposition of the remains in the way that a it is in a burial, and you can learn more about some of the cremation options:

New Funeral and Memorial Technology Options

Who Decides the Location of the Cremation Remains?

It seems obvious that the cremation remains of a loved one are to be kept in a respectful and appropriate place.  However, this can often be much more challenging than it needs to be if you die without leaving behind your End of Life Plan and preferences for your loved ones.

In most cases, the location where a loved ones cremation remains are kept, which is commonly referred to as their “final resting place”, is usually determined in one of two ways:

1.  The End of Life Plan which was created by the deceased, in advance
2.  The family members and/or loved ones must mutually agree upon this

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Ten Things We Feel You Should Know  About Cremations

Whether someone chooses a burial or cremation, such an important decision requires that you review and understand all of your options, as well as everything that is involved.  One of the 10 key benefits to End of Life Planning is that the deceased’s plans and preferences are always honored.  However, in cases where there has been preplanning and the deceased’s requests are left unclear, this becomes an area where very careful consideration should be made prior to making any final decision.

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Cremation FAQ- The Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Key Information to Know When Planning a Cremation Service

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* Sources: Hal Stevens, Founder, Online Memorials