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Planning a cremation service can be one of the most emotional and confusing times in a person’s life. The amount of choices you have to make can be overwhelming and daunting during an especially difficult time of your life. If you are looking into cremations for your loved one, on of our goals and mission is to serve as a guide to answer some of your common challenges and uncertainties.

Although learning about cremations can, for some families this may be difficult to read or learn.  However, if you look at this purely by definition, cremation is a process of reducing the human body to bone fragments using high heat and flame.  Then, the second part of the process is actually refining the remains. The result of this is not “ash”, similar to things we can relate to, but rather a refined product that some people in the funeral industry refer to as  “cremains.”

Unlike those who choose a burial, the large majority of cremations do not result in a loved one being in their “final resting place”.  The cremation remains need to be handled properly and most importantly in a respectful and appropriate way.

Cremation Options

There are many different options for cremated ashes, but the most common and traditional option is to encase the ashes in traditional urns or hand-drafted cremation urns.  These various types of cremation urns have the unique advantage because they can either be kept at home or buried, scattered at sea, or even created and personalized into a cremation memorial. With the evolution and advancements the funeral industry has been experiencing, there is a wide variety of cremation options, one of which can be a genuine memorial diamonds.

Cremation Urns

Whether you opt for burial or cremation, the choice should not be made lacking appropriate deliberation of everything that is involved. The deceased’s desires should be honored always. However, in cases where the deceased’s requests are unclear, very careful contemplation with respect and love should develop prior to any decision being made.

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