End of Life

Leaving a A Legacy To Remember…

Using MemoryBanc

A Way to be Treasured Forever

There are many end of life plan benefits.  How many times have you thought of leaving something very special for your children or grandchildren?  MemoryBanc is that something, completely personal and wholly unique.  It is what is commonly referred to as an Ethical Will, or a love letter from you to them. Maybe you are unsure as to how to start writing a letter like this.  MemoryBanc resolves that uncertainty by providing a starting place.  Each page offers an inspirational idea.  Just let your heart expand on that idea.  Before you know it, you’ve written a story. Whether you offer this album to someone at a special time, or leave it to them as a part of your end of life planing, Last Will, or Living Trust at the time of your death, the recipient will know it is a gift of love and memories to be cherished forever, and to be passed down as your legacy to future generations.

Rekindle a Relationship

Is your relationship with an adult son or daughter estranged?  Certainly, you still love this child dearly.  Perhaps you rarely get to see your grandchildren because their parents have divorced, or because of the many miles between you.  Surely, you want your grandchildren to know you and your love for them.  MemoryBanc presents an opportunity for sharing thoughts or mending hurt feelings.

A Message Left

Through terminally ill planning, you can also give a gift of enduring love.  MemoryBanc will leave a message in the hearts and minds of loved ones, allowing them to remember you forever.

A Different Kind of Gift

So often, people receive gifts they consider just “more stuff,” but this album is a different kind of gift.  MemoryBanc is just the right choice for individuals who have everything they could ever want or need.  It’s the perfect place to record their life’s experiences, values, and memories for their children or grandchildren.

About the Album

Years ago, the family Bible recorded birth dates, marriages, and deaths.  It is not likely that many old family Bibles are still in existence today.  MemoryBanc be your family’s record keeper for generations to come.  This album uniquely simplifies the growing trend of leaving behind much more than a Family Record Guide or your vital statistics.  This includes leaving behind one’s beliefs, wisdom, and values, known as an Ethical Will, combined with photo and scrapbook memories.

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