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Choosing a Last Will or Living Trust

Funeral Plan, End of Life, and Estate Planning

Whether you plan a funeral or create an end of life plan, one of the key requirements is to coordinate these strategies with your estate plan.  Although there are many valuable features and benefits that come from creating an estate plan, the main reason most people build an estate plan is to ensure their final wishes are carried out with regards to the disposition of their assets.

The harsh reality is that an astounding 70% of American’s die without leaving behind a Last Will or Living Trust.  To make matters worse, there is an even higher percentage of Americans who die without any end of life planning, which includes documenting their final plans and also learning how to prepay funeral expenses.

Which is Better;  A Last Will or a Living Trust?

If you talk with any financial professional, they will tell you that when it comes to estate planning, completing either a Last Will or Living Trust is widely recognized as one of the most basic and necessary pieces of a comprehensive financial plan.

One of the necessary components of a proper estate plan is completing either a Last Will or a Living Trust.  A Last Will is also commonly referred to as a Last Will and Testament, and a Trust is also called a Living Trust or Revocable Living Trust.

How Do We Define “The Perfect Estate Plan“?

“To control your property while you’re alive, take care of your loved ones and yourself  should you become disabled, and give what you have to whom you want, the way you want, when you want; and, if possible, reduce or eliminate every tax dollar, professional fee, probate, court cost, delay, and family feuds possible.”
Christopher P. Hill, Founder,

Getting Started is Easy

To help you get started, you can download, print, or save our our Ebook, “Choosing a Last Will or a Living Trust“, which can help you learn:

1.  What is the purpose and value of family funeral estate planning?
2.  What are the key ingredients to a Last Will and Living Trust?
3.  What are the main differences, and which one fits you best?

Choosing a Last Will or Living Trust

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