Funeral Guides

Free Guides to Help Plan a Funeral, End of Life,
Prepay Funeral Costs, and Estate Planning

“When my family and I lost a loved one, we were faced with the difficult decision of what to do next.  Like most families, we had no idea who to turn to, or where to begin. It was from this personal experience that I created these eBooks and “Funeral Guides” to serve as an additional resource that I truly hope helps you and your family, friends, and loved ones.”
Christopher P. Hill, Founder

Funeral Guide #1 – Family Record Guide

Please take the all-important first step towards creating your end of life plan and take advantage of this comprehensive Family Record Guide.  This Family Record Guide allows you to officially document, in writing, most of the key family matters pertaining to both your estate and our final plans and preferences.

Included in our Family Record Guide are details you can document such as your vital statistics, financial accounts, insurance policies, estate planning documents such as your Last Will or Trusts, access information to your financial advisor, estate planning attorney, CPA, your preference to be buried  or cremated, where you prefer your remains to be placed, burial insurance and any other types of planing to prepay your funeral expenses, and many other important details.

It is exactly these kinds of details that every family must be able to access and provide in order to properly complete your funeral planning, memorial service, and life tribute.

By taking the time to download, print, save, and most importantly, complete this FREE family document, you will be offering your family something they will thank you for and remember.

Funeral Guide #2 – Creating a “Love Drawer”

A Love Drawer is one central location where those you love and trust know where to turn to when they need to.  This FREE Ebook contains a list of all of the key documents you need to have readily available in this “Love Drawer”, such as your Will or Trust,  last wishes, copy of your Family Record Guide, end-of-life plan details and preferences, and much more.

In addition to your “formal” financial matters, this can also serve as a place to leave behind personal messages, love notes, important values or lessons, vital statistics, critical passwords for your digital estate planning, and more.  Download, print, or save this FREE all-important family document here:

Funeral Guide #3 – Three Common Ways to Prepay Funeral Expenses

While it is obvious that nobody likes to think about death or dying, unfortunately some day we each and every one of us will be forced to cope with this difficult situation.  Therefore, knowing this outcome is inevitable, it only makes sense to plan and prepare in advance, with the goal of ensuring you can help make sure that you can minimize or eliminate as many emotional and financial challenges your loved ones will face.

There are two different levels of preparing your end of life plan:

The first step is choosing your funeral plan details, such as your Funeral Home, Cemetery, and/or Funeral Director, the type of funeral service, the specific funeral home services, whether you prefer to be buried or cremated, if you prefer a viewing, and more.

The second step is to review the three most common ways to preplan a funeral, as well as factor in your options for prepaying your funeral costs and funeral expenses.

This helpful Ebook will guide you through the three options to both preplan your funeral service, but also understand your best options to prepay your final expenses.

Funeral Guide #4 – Choosing a Will Versus a Trust

The sad truth is that approximately 70% of American’s who die today fail to leave behind as much as a Will, also known as a Last Will and Testament.  By creating a simple Will, this can be one of the greatest gifts you can give your family to help them ease some of the financial and estate planning challenges during a time of great grief and loss, as well as indecision.

Please download this FREE document by clicking on this button below and learn the key benefits for creating Wills or a Living Trust, the most important differences between the these two legal documents, as well as which one might fit you best:

Funeral Guide #5 – Funeral Planning Checklist

This Funeral Planning Checklist has been developed with the main goal of helping you organize your personal financial matters, last wishes, and final plans and preferences.  Inside this helpful checklist you will find questions and information designed to help you designate your wishes and provide vital statistics to your loved ones, creating they kind of end of life plan that can alleviate many unnecessary emotions, decisions, planning and pressures.

Through downloading, saving, or printing this FREE Funeral Planning Checklist, this will serve as a resource during a difficult time, providing you and your family assurance that your final wishes are being honored, as well as provide you with the “peace of mind” knowing that your memorial service is being accomplished “the way you would have wanted“, and even know that the funeral costs have been taken care of as well.