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Monuments are Common Funeral and Memorial Options

Every day there are grieving families and friends who have lost loved ones and are choosing ways to memorialize their loved one with personalized monuments. This is an extremely important part of the funeral planning and grief support.  It becomes a meaningful choice that serves as an everlasting impression, specifically designed to honor and dignify the life of a loved one lost.

A monument is a way for the living to remember those who have passed away and express this loss through the words and images engraved on the monument.  Also referred to as a headstone or gravestone, a monuments is the actual physical marker that rests above the burial grounds of a loved one. So as you can imagine, choosing a monument can be a very important decision that requires a careful thought process for families.

When the funeral services and memorial services are completed, the monument or headstone will remain a physical remembrance of that loved one for decades to come.  They will serve both the living and the deceased on multiple levels.  For the loved ones left behind, monuments offer a helpful way to focus on better coping with loss.

These specially chosen words and images will direct families to see and feel more positive thoughts, memories, and feelings.  They provide comfort that their loved one is in a better resting place, and this marker can also serve as a reminder that someday they will be reunited.

When choosing a headstone or grave marker, it is important to know the cemetery rules.  This can save you from making mistakes that could delay your order.  The biggest factor in selecting a headstone is the balance between cost and value. Luckily, there are plenty of choices.

Finally, don’t forget to ask your Funeral Director about the new Gravestone Technology available today.  Or you can also learn about many other new memorial technology options by simply clicking here.

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