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What is a White Dove Release?

Ceremonial white dove releases are quickly becoming a popular request at many different types of events across the nation, including a unique memorial services option for a funeral service.  A white dove release is truly a breathtaking experience that will last a lifetime, lift the spirits of everyone in attendance, and is always looked back on as a special part of a loved ones life tribute to be remembered.

A Brief History

White doves are ancient symbols of love and devotion, partnership and peace, fertility and hope for the future. Kings, Popes, and grooms-to-be have released or presented white doves as symbols of their devotion and their hopes for the future.

One of the Most Fitting Memorial Options for Healing, Peace and Closure

During a funeral or memorial services, a white dove release is a peaceful and healing tribute.   A single white dove released as a memorial spirit bird will bring tears to the eyes of everyone present as they watch the bird ascend skyward.  It is a beautiful way of either expressing grief and loss, saying a final goodbye, and beginning the process of healing and letting go.

The releasing of doves offers a feeling of peace and calmness, helping bring closure to family members of a lost loved one and are a unique and heartfelt way to honor your loved one at the graveside or burial services.  Moments like these etch forever in the minds of family and friends, creating memories that are cherished for a life-time.

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