End of Life

Funeral Insurance

If You Died Today…

Two Most Common Questions Families Ask:

1.  How Are We Going to Pay For the Funeral?
2.  What Type of Funeral Would You Have Wanted?

Important FACTS to Know:

•  A recent study from AARP states that the average cost of a funeral is $10,000.
•  90% of families agree that pre-funding a funeral is a good idea, but only 12% have
•  Over 60% of families who take the time to preplan a funeral, also choose to pre-fund it
•  The two most common family disputes after death are money and family heirlooms

Your First Step

The first and most common step to creating your End of Life Celebration is documenting your final plans and preferences.  We strongly encourage you to click here to download a FREE copy of our Family Record Guide.

Next Step

Once you have finalized the details of your End of Life Celebration, the next step is pre-funding this plan by using Funeral Insurance.  Funeral Insurance is also commonly referred to as burial insurance. This all-important family protection offers you and your loved ones the comfort of know that when you pass away, all the costs of the funeral will be taken care of in a timely manner.

When you think of traditional forms of life insurance, it is commonly viewed as something you own “if you should die”.  However, the harsh reality is that some day we will all die.  So the key difference to remember about funeral insurance is that it is used for the guaranteed and certain event of “when you die”.

The Costs

The costs and prices of funeral insurance are usually a factor of whatever funeral plan, memorial services, and funeral costs you would like to take care of in advance for your family and your loved ones.  These funeral costs include details such as memorial services, new memorial technology options, cremation urns, caskets, funeral flowers, and more.  (You can view a sample by clicking on our General Price List).

The Benefits

The end of life plan benefits to preplan a funeral and prepay funeral expenses are extremely valuable. Through proper planning and preparation, this allows your family to reduce or eliminate many signficant emotional and financial pressures, and more importantly, enables them to better focus on the wonderful memories and planning the best possible life celebration.

Easy to Obtain for Seniors Too!

Funeral insurance is very inexpensive since the coverage amounts usually range from $500 to $50,000.  Also, since there are no medical exams required, it is also easy to qualify up to age 99, regardless of your health conditions.

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