Funeral Eulogy

Writing a Eulogy For Your Spouse

Once you have finally found your true love, the person whom you have selected to spend your life with, when they pass it is very normal for you to feel misplaced, angry, and alone.

Often times a spouse may not choose to deliver the eulogy at the funeral or memorial services simply, because he or she is too close and too emotionally involved. Maintaining the ability to speak before other loved ones about the life of the person they loved so dearly can be one of the most difficult challenges one can face.

Here are three considerations when reflecting on the loss of your spouse:

1. Traditional funeral eulogy
Begin by speaking a little bit about when, where, and how you met. Talk about how you life has changed since they have been in it and be sure to mention any children, grandchildren, and/or pets. Then, consider something less serious such as sharing a funny story about their careers, hobbies, or interests.

2. Spouse poem
Poetry often can reveal your deepest feelings about your spouse. It can also bring to life emotions that otherwise couldn’t be expressed. When you recite a poem as a funeral eulogy, you are sharing on the very deepest level. If you are not a poem writer there are plenty of poems available on the Internet that you can either use directly, or use as a base to create your own.

3. A spouse and brief marriage
Begin with a bit about when, where, and how you met, as well as how your life has changed since they have been in it. Be sure to point out any children and/or stepchildren and grandchildren. Then, consider sharing a funny story about their profession, hobbies, and/or interests. Consider saying something such as, “My only regret was that our time together was so short. However, I know that the love we shared and the things that I learned from him/her will keep me until we are reunited one day. I will spend my life loving and remembering every memory we shared.”

If you are the spouse, you are likely the person who knows them best, how to best remember him/her, and whether delivering a eulogy is a realistic option for you. Your love for this spouse will never be measured by whether you speak or not, nor how you deliver it.

Contributing Author, Hal Stephens

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