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Creating a Eulogy For a Mother

When most of us reflect on the word “home,” usually the first thing that comes to mind is our mother. In most families, the mother is the foundation of comfort, and the giver of all wonderful things such as food, praise, affection, support, and unconditional love. Mothers are usually always there for us, always selflessly caring for us, and always willing to listen.

The sad reality is that as many of us grow older and life and time passes by, we can often overlook and under appreciate our mother and the many sacrifices she made for us. Then, as we mature into adulthood, we become more capable of appreciating our mother. This is often when we actually “connect” with her and realize how special and wonderful she really is, and how she is the “heart and soul” of the family.

One of the most common lessons we learn after losing our mother is that we should never forget to tell the people we love how we feel…and as often as we can. Sometimes we simply forget, and sometimes we just assume they already know. Therefore, when that difficult time comes and our mother passes, many of us tend to wonder if she really knew how much we loved her.

So losing a mother often gives us a chance to create a eulogy that serves as special opportunity to express our love and gratitude. This funeral eulogy can not only be an excellent chance to not only say those words to her, but also tell everyone that has gathered to honor her how you felt.

Here are some different styles to consider when creating a eulogy for your mother:

1. Traditional Mother Eulogy
Start out from the very beginning, even talking about when and where she was born. Be sure to discuss her parents (if present) considering they are also very likely experiencing deep suffering. Also try to share stories about any siblings that your mother had, including the wonderful stories and memories from her childhood. Then you can progress to remembering when she met your father, as well as touch upon the great love and life they shared together. Consider ending with something special she did, creating a lasting image of who she was and why she will be so dearly missed.

2. Mother Eulogy Poem
Poetry is a way for many people to express deep and meaningful feelings in a way they could not otherwise share. Since reciting a poem as your eulogy enables you to share your feelings on the very deepest level, you can help remember her with wonderful thoughts and stories that define her. Poems are easily found on the Internet and in card shops, so you can use the poems you find, or use them to build a personal poem around.

3. Mother Eulogy Letter
Writing a note to your mom is frequently an accepted option. The way this is often accomplished is by reading this letter as if you were speaking the details directly to her. This provides you the opportunity to mention your appreciation for the gifts she gave you, such as her love, care, and the training that she taught you throughout your life.

One last point to make is that we should remember that our mothers are no only caregivers, but also wives, partners, friends, colleagues, leaders, sisters and daughters. Therefore, when recounting the beautiful story of your mother’s life, try to refer to those aspects of her world if possible.

Contributing Author, Hal Stephens

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