Grief and Loss

Top Five Grief Books

“My hope is that overall this list will prove highly useful to you, both personally and as recommendations to others you encounter or serve who need the resources”.
Amy Florian, Founder, Corgenius

1.  Recovering From the Loss of a Sibling: When a Brother or Sister Dies

(Katherine Fair Donnelly. 2000.)

Numerous testimonials from surviving siblings of all ages form the foundation of this grief book. It addresses the unique grief of siblings and the fact that sibs are often overlooked in the outpouring of support for parents. It is insightful and comforting.  Recommended for siblings from age 10 to adult.

2.  What Helped Me When My Loved One Died

(Earl Grollman, Beacon Press, 1982.)

Rather than writing this book himself, Grollman has gathered the stories of bereaved people and let them tell in their own words what most helped them when they were working through the grief process.   Insightful and touching, this grief book is recommended for those who are grieving, especially in the first 6 months to a year, and for those who deal with the bereaved.

3.  I’m Grieving as Fast as I Can

(Linda Feinberg, New Horizon Press, 1994.)

Largely told through the stories of clients, friends, and her own experience, Feinberg writes for young widows and widowers. They often have small children, they immediately (whether they choose it or not) face issues of dating and sexuality, they feel the burden of the family’s needs, and they struggle with the sense of a stolen or empty future. She sensitively covers issues relating to a relationship that was stormy or abusive, and even the loss of a fiancé.  Recommended for those under 50 who are widowed.

4  Nobody’s Child Anymore; Grieving, Caring, and Comforting When Parents Die

(Barbara Bartocci. Notre Dame: Sorin Books, 2000.)

Through nostalgia, a variety of stories, instruction, and inspiration, Bartocci captures the unique loss and life issues that accompany the death of a parent for an adult child. Unlike most grief books, she starts with the dying process, and then goes on to issues of grief and loss, caring for the surviving parent, and healing and coping with loss. This wonderfully-written touching book is helpful to anyone.  Recommended from the time of a parent’s terminal diagnosis through the death and grief process.

5.  When Your Spouse Dies – A Widow and Widower’s Handbook

(Othniel Sieden and Jane Bilett. Books to Believe In, 2008.)

This grief book is co-written by a widowed medical doctor and the psychologist who eventually became his wife. They discuss financial issues and practical concerns while outlining an emotional road map to help guide widows and widowers as they heal and rebuild their lives.  Recommended for widowed people from the time of the death through the grief process.

More Grief Books

It is impossible to include every worthy book in a list of this length. Selections are based on our own reading, book reviews, personal experience, and over 25 years of working in the field of bereavement. There are many books that are not included, and more are published every day. This list is therefore fluid and changeable.

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