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Grief and loss create a natural and human way that we deal with the feeling with love that has ended and a great loss sets upon us. There is no one way to grieve. As we all are individual, we all grieve different depending on life experiences dealing with death and the relationship shared with the deceased.

There should never be any expectation or pressure placed on someone regarding how they should behave during a period of bereavement.  Some people tend to keep their emotions inside, while others reach out in their time of need. Many people will not show any signs of extreme sadness in the initial stages of grief and that is perfectly OK.  The important thing is to recognize that someone is grieving and will need to cope with this grief on their own terms.

Healing requires coping with loss and work through the stages of grief.  There have been many grief books written for the bereaved and many suggestions as to how to deal with grief and loss. However, as stated above, there is no one way to grieve, nor is there a right or wrong way.

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