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When an individual passes away it can be overwhelming given the many funeral planning challenges and memorial service details that must be worked through.  Some of those aspects are more noticeable than others, and most people find that having specific funeral music played is an important aspect.  However, many people are unaware that there are special, talented, and gifted musicians who can help you create a custom song for a loved one.

Funeral music, top funeral songs, and funeral hymns are commonly played at a loved ones funeral or memorial service.  Choosing a top funeral songs or selecting from some of the most healing grief songs may seem like a fairly easy task, but in reality it is not. There are a number of things that should be considered before the funeral music is selected:

  1. What type of funeral music would the deceased have wanted?
  2. What do other family members think the funeral music should include?
  3. Do you want the song or songs to have lyrics or just instruments?

To See an Example of Custom Funeral Music, Click the “Play” Icon Below:

This Video Tribute contains a custom crafted song that was personally created for Chris Hill, Founder of, to cope with the grief and loss of his mother.

Custom Crafted Songs to Help Heal and Remember

If you are interested in selecting funeral songs with meaningful lyrics it may be easy to use the internet to search and read lyrics of popular songs.  However, another solution would be to opt for a more customized funeral music selection and have a song written and recorded to play at funeral services or memorial services.

Taking advantage of creating a custom a crafted funeral song enables the family and friends to express how they feel about their loved one who has passed away in a very special and meaningful way.  By using personalized lyrics, and even combining this with a Video Tribute (like the actual DVD Video Tribute above), this gives others a much better insight into this loved ones life story, what a wonderful person he or she was, and also allows you to express some thoughts and emotions that you might not have been able to say before they passed.

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