Memorial Technology

New Gravestone Technology
Gives Memorial Ideas a “New Life”

“When you visit a gravestone and the only things you see are a name, a few words, and a date, it feels somewhat impersonal and incomplete.  This gravestone is specifically intended to be a personalized memorial that helps you reflect back and remember.”

New Gravestone Technology Offers More Than Just a Name and a Date

As the funeral industry continues to keep pace with the growth in technology, new funeral and memorial technology tools are constantly being introduced.  This new gravestone technology is among the most cutting-edge memorial ideas in the industry.   And this is not only available for new gravestones when a loved one has recently passed, but they can also be placed into existing gravestones, giving them a “new life” as well.

Today, these technology enhanced memorials can offer so much more than your traditional gravestone.  These unique memorials are an amazing combination of stone craftsmanship and advanced gravestone technology, with features that will allow you to share your story for multiple generations to come.

Please Take a Few Minutes to Learn More About the Key Features and Benefits:

Why Add This New Technology to a Gravestone?

•  The ability to personalize this special memorial offers every gravestone a “new life”
•  Store and share photos, videos, and even audio recordings…forever
•  Store thousands of words in pre-selected icons, which you can update, revise, change, or remove
•  Your only requirement is a mobile phone which has the ability to access the Internet
•  Hold a mobile phone up to the gravestone and see these pictures, stories, details, and more
•  View all of this information above on your mobile phone, as well as on the Internet
•  This cutting-edge technology has been tested and guaranteed to last for thousands of years
•  These personalized gravestones allow you to share your family history for many generations
•  New gravestone technology is affordable, adding less than a 5% to the average gravestone cost

Five Reasons Families are Choosing This New Technology:

1.  A More Positive Experience

Given the ability to “connect” better through pictures and a life’s story, these new mirochips can provide a much more positive place of remembrance, minimize feelings of grief and loss, and also allow more private time to heal and remember a loved one.

2.  Can be Added to a New…OR…Existing Gravestone

Whether you are considering using this technology for a loved one who has recently passed, or also considering adding this to an existing gravestone,  this offers the ability to create a more personalized place for families and loved ones from many generations.

3.  A Better Overall Family Experience

With all of these enhanced features of this technology, families can create a more personal tribute to a loved one’s life and shared memories.  In addition, this new memorial technology can offer your children, grandchildren, and future generations the opportunity to visit and learn more about their family members, ancestors, loved ones, and history.

4.  Ability to Leave a Better Legacy

This technology allows families to “connect” in a more personal way when they visit this gravesite.  This not only creates new ways to remember a special person through telling their life’s story, but also helps to leave behind a very special tribute and legacy for many generations.

5.  Stored and Accessible Forever

Unlike other technologies, your loved ones details, photos, and life’s story is guaranteed to be archived, stored, and accessible forever.  Therefore, as long as there is an Internet, your information will always be fully and readily accessible…no matter what happens to any particular company or product going forward.

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