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Funeral Expenses – Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers can be a sizable hidden cost that many families do not factor into their funeral costs.  In fact, many of the funeral flower arrangements and expenses can range  anywhere from $100 to as high as $600, depending on the funeral arrangements chosen and the company.

Two Types of Floral Arrangements:

There are two floral arrangements that are unique to funeral planning and memorial services:

1.  Casket Spray:

A casket spray is a cascading assortment of funeral flowers that are used to be placed on top of the casket.

2.  Standing Easel Display:

A standing easel display is an arrangement of funeral flowers which are attached to a free standing easel.  The most common types of flowers arrangements that are used with a standing easel are flowers placed in a wreath or created using a heart shape.  The standing easel display is commonly placed next to caskets, cremations urns, or a loved ones tribute tables.

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