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Funeral Expenses – Miscellaneous Funeral Costs

Sometimes there can be many overlooked or unexpected miscellaneous funeral costs that can arise, which are funeral expenses that many families don’t factor into the overall expenses when planning a funeral.  So this page covers some of these details to be aware of, with the hope that you will remember to look for and/or plan for these expenses as well.

Burial Clothes Costs

It is important to some families that their loved one’s body be dressed in proper clothes for the visitation, funeral and disposition. Funeral homes offer special burial clothes designed for this unique wardrobe function. Complete outfits can be purchased including complete burial clothing and burial shoes. Woman’s burial clothing outfits range from $95 to $350. Men’s burial clothing outfits (suit, shirt and tie) range from $170 to $400.

Obituary Costs

Newspaper obituaries range in price from free to over $600.  The average price is $298 for 20 lines and a picture. Most papers will publish a newsworthy obituary search (deaths of public figures, prominent locals and celebrities) for free.

While some newspapers are willing to publish obituaries at no cost, these notices are usually limited to a number of lines, briefly announce the person’s birth and death dates, and often do not include any biographical information or pictures.

Death Certificate Fees

A fair estimate for a Death Certificates cost is approximately $11-13 for each copy.

Other Funeral Costs and Cremation Expenses

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