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Direct Cremation Packages

Cremation is fairly inexpensive in comparison to a traditional funeral.  Crematories will usually charge between $175 to $300; however, there are a number of other services and products you may want to purchase along with the cremation procedure.  Packages can include: hiring a funeral home to pick up the body from the place of death and transporting it to the crematory, hiring the crematory or funeral home to place the ashes into the urn, storing the urn until time of pick-up, and obtaining the necessary legal authorizations and permits for the cremation. You’ll also need a cremation container for the body, often a cardboard casket or fiber board, and something to place the ashes in, like cremation urns.

Most funeral homes offer a direct cremation package that provides the basic products and services for cremations.  However, be forewarned, many funeral homes will offer a cremation package that provides everything except the cost of the actual cremation because the funeral home doesn’t own the crematory. The crematory’s fee for the cremation is added to the cost of the funeral homes’ cremation package.

Direct cremation packages have a huge variation in price dependent on the inclusions.  These packages range from $500 to $3,000.

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