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Funeral Expenses – Funeral Programs and Printing

Funeral printing can include funeral programs, memorial folders, funeral plans, prayer cards and thank you cards. Often the funeral homes can supply these, but you can create them on your own or through an online resource.

A guest register book is a special book for guests attending the visitation or funeral to sign their name and perhaps write a short condolence. Guest register books range in price from $25 to $225 for more elaborate books.

Funeral homes often can order printed programs through an outside vendor or they can use their own copier to create the programs.  High quality and affordable copiers have resulted in a number of small independent funeral program companies that operate over the internet.

Many funeral homes offer other printed materials such as prayer cards, book marks, acknowledgement cards, pallbearer cards and thank you cards.

As far back as 1996, The National Funeral Director’s Association’s conducted a survey and found that the average basic memorial services print package is approximately $119.

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