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Burial Vaults and Grave Liners

Burial vaults and grave liners are used to safeguard caskets.  Most cemeteries require that caskets be buried in an outer container also known as a grave liner or burial vault. Burial vaults are big, heavy duty rectangular boxes typically made of concrete; some are made from metal (steel or bronze) and some from composite plastic. Burial vaults are in essence an industrial strength casket for the casket.  They are usually made to last forever, although most come with at least a one hundred year guarantee.

Most cemeteries require a vault to preserve the cemetery’s lawn and grounds. A casket buried without a vault will eventually deteriorate and collapse resulting in a ground depression at the gravesite.  Sometimes this will cause the headstone to tilt. Without vaults, the cemetery’s would have many unsafe and unsightly uneven ground and tilting headstones.

Funeral costs for burial vaults and liners can range in price from $795 to $2,000.

The National Funeral Director’s Association’s 2006 survey found that the average funeral home price for a vault was $1,128.

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