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Direct Burial Packages

A Direct Burial is defined as a burial for a loved one passed, but what makes a Direct Burial unique is that there is usually no funeral services, memorial services, or any form of a traditional memorial ceremony.  In addition, when families choose a Direct Burial the body is not embalmed.

Key Considerations

When choosing a Direct Burial Package, some of the details we recommend you as inquire about are :  the basic services fee, storage fee, and any costs associated with the delivery of the casket to the Funeral Home or Cemetery.

Also keep in mind that most Direct Burial Packages do not include many funeral costs including Cemetery fees for the plot, grave opening and closing, nor do these packages include your Headstone or other Cemetery Monuments.  As far as the cost of Direct Burial Packages, they can usually range anywhere from $1,000 to $3,600, which, of course, depends on your inclusions.

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