Funeral Etiquette

Sympathy Cards and Words of Condolence

Knowing the proper funeral etiquette can make you feel more comfortable in writing sympathy cards and your words of condolence, if heart-felt, will be appreciated by the bereaved family receiving condolence card.

In this high tech world in which we live, where email, texting and instant messaging are the norm, there are times that etiquette dictates for us to revert back to handwritten content and snail mail.  One particular situation is when it comes to sending condolence cards, in this instance; high tech should take a back seat.  According to grief and loss counselors and funeral etiquette gurus, a genuine, handwritten note composed inside an actual sympathy card is more appropriate.

Keep in mind as you write the sympathy card, that the purpose is to let the bereaved family know that you are thinking of them.  The easiest way is to let your feelings out and just be open and honest about what you’re thinking.  Sometimes selecting funeral quotes that say what you are feeling is an easier route and that is acceptable too.  Remember, what’s most important is to let them know you care.

Four funeral etiquette tips on writing a sympathy card:

1.) Acknowledge the loss and the name of the deceased.

2.) Express your sympathy.

3.) Note special qualities of the deceased.

4.) End the note with a few thoughtful sympathy quotes, a funeral poem, wish or sympathy words.

Don’t worry or get offended if the bereaved doesn’t acknowledge your card. They may have more pressing things on their mind or simply may not know how to respond to you and the sympathy card. Remember, a sympathy card is just that, a card that expresses sympathy. As long as you’ve sent the bereaved the condolence note, then you’ve accomplished what you set out to do

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