Funeral Etiquette

What to Include in a Sympathy Card

When sending a sympathy card, an easy way to remember what you should include in your condolence letter is to remember this simple CARD mnemonic.

C = compassion

It’s important to express compassion in your sympathy card.  A handwritten note is more appropriate in this situation instead of sending, for example, an email.  When a loved one dies, survivors need a lot of personal, human interaction to help them work through their grief and sometimes help them get through the days following the death.

A = acknowledge

In your sympathy card, be sure to acknowledge not only the grief and loss of the persons loved one but to acknowledge the feeling of the bereaved as well.

R = remember

Writing out a special memory you have about the deceased or remembering a special gift or quality the person had will be much appreciated by the bereaved family.  Stories of funny events can lighten the mood and give the bereaved a much needed respite from their grief.

D = deliver

Deliver a thoughtful ending to your sympathy note.  Whether you end your note with a few thoughtful sympathy quotes, a funeral poem, wish or sympathy words, it is important to let the bereaved know care

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