Military Funeral Planning

Elements of a Military Burial and Funeral

Depending on the status of the deceased (active, Veteran, and rank), a military funeral planning incorporates all or some of the following:

  1. A military chaplain is provided
  2. The casket is usually brought in a hearse draped with the U.S. flag.  It can also be transported by a horse-drawn carriage.  For funerals of former presidents and officers of 0-6 rank, a riderless horse accompanies the caisson
  3. A 3-volley salute is fired for most branches of the military.  Navy funerals use a cannon for the salute, a tradition from the British Royal Navy.  Higher-ranking officials receive a gun salute.
  4. At a distance from the grave site, “Taps” is played by a bugle or trumpet.  A recording is sometimes used due to the shortage of qualified buglers.
  5. The next of kin receive a folded flag representing the distinguished service of their deceased loved one.

Just remember that, as a service member or military family member, it is advisable that you make yourself aware of your memorial benefits before you need them.

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