Funeral Estate Planning


Our Preferred Provider for Estate Planning

For nearly 12 years, WealthCounsel attorneys across the United States have helped clients of all ages and at all stages of life fulfill their estate planning objectives.

As a membership-based organization of more than 1800 attorneys, WealthCounsel and its member attorneys promote a comprehensive, client-centered approach to estate planning founded on the principles of legal competence, professional collaboration and a commitment to excellence.

WealthCounsel member attorneys believe that funeral estate planning is an essential process, not merely a single legal transaction, and that competent, thoughtful estate planning must:

  1. Allow you to maintain complete control while you’re alive and well
  2. Provide for you and your loved ones if you become disabled
  3. Allow you to give WHAT you want, to WHOM you want, the WAY that you want
  4. And maintain your privacy, minimize taxes, and minimize legal and other fees to the extent possible

When you work with a WealthCounsel estate planning attorney, you get peace of mind knowing that you have thoughtfully provided for yourself and your loved ones.  Their member attorneys believe in the value of including the client’s other advisors in developing an estate plan that covers a variety of issues, including income, gift, and estate tax planning, charitable giving, and financial planning and insurance. Perhaps most importantly, WealthCounsel member attorneys can help you create an estate plan that reflects your values.

Many WealthCounsel attorneys are willing to meet with you to discuss your estate planning goals either at no cost, or for a very modest counseling fee.

Our Preferred Provider – WealthCounsel