Preferred Provider

Shine on Brightly

Shine On Brightly is an online company that provides unique, artist-created vessels for cremation remains, art pieces to celebrate and memorialize life, and links to valuable resources for making end-of-life choices. Shine On Brightly is a compassionate company with high standards in quality, customer service, and uniqueness of all products. The company is formed in response to the growing rate of cremation both in the United States and worldwide.

Current choices for containment of cremation remains are limited, and products are often (usually) outsourced to maintain low cost in mass production. Shine On Brightly, however, offers personal, aesthetically beautiful products to honor and celebrate life. Their work perfectly matches their beliefs and values, which is that every life deserves to be honored. Therefore, a wide span of cremation urns and price options make these artistically designed and hand-crafted pieces widely accessible.

Shine On Brightly also provides vessels and art pieces to honor pets. More and more, pets are cremated as the humane and environmentally sound option for end-of-life. Pets are often cherished family members, and are often honored in much the same way as beloved relatives and friends.

Key Reasons We Proudly Recommend Shine On Brightly as Our Preferred Provider:

1. Shine On Brightly regularly receives glowing reports regarding about the beauty and ease of the website, their tasteful selection of products, and their stellar customer service

2. All products are handmade by artists with love and compassion

3. Their beautiful pieces are selected for their quality, accessibility, and affordability

4. Every family and Funeral Director we spoke with them commented on their caring ways and how wonderful their experience was as they were taken step-by-step through such an important decision.

As we mentioned above, there are many other excellent companies who also offer excellent selections to choose from. And since this is such a personal and sensitive matter for most families. we encourage you to explore several options. We also feel very confident that as you explore your options, your results will likely confirm that Shine On Brightly will likely be among your best options.

Our Preferred Provider – Shine on Brightly