Preferred Provider

R and S Designs

For an urn that is as unique and beautiful as the life of your loved one – rich in character and truly one of a kind, you want to work with a preferred provider who is dedicated to service and high quality artisan-ship.  R and S Designs is here to fill that need, for you.

Specializing in every aspect of creating outstanding marble and stone urns, R and S Designs sees each piece through the entire process, from the design to the manufacturing to the servicing and shipping of the final product.

A leader in the industry, R and S Designs features:

  • Patented lines of urns that are truly unique
  • Impressive urn designs, created with pebble, fossil stone, and galaxy marble
  • Skilled artisans who through their mastery of the art of marble carving, allow each piece the opportunity to show their unique beauty, creating true one-of-a-kind pieces
  • Urns for your families desiring a “green” component, for example a rock salt urn that dissolves in water in less than 4 hours
  • Assistance in even the smallest of rooms through a patented ossuary cremation niche unit

Our Preferred Provider – R and S Designs