Gravestone Technology

Share Your Life’s Story for Generations

A RosettaStone tablet is an amazing combination of stone craftsmanship and advanced technology.  It has features that will allow you to share your story with generations that are still a millennium away from being born. The RosettaStone does this graphically using modern ideographic symbolism (similar to ancient hieroglyphics) and digitally as a long-term archived record.

Due to advances in microchip technology families can now associate detailed text and photo with a memorial from the pre-installed technology that may occupy as little as 60mm (2.25”) diameter of space.

The resulting capability will allow future generations, visitors and historians to access both a story and genealogical information about the deceased from an Internet enabled cell phone while at the markers physical location.

In many cases, memorials and grave markers are the last remaining reference to those that have gone before us. Such markers convey the traditional name and date along with an epitaph, which may conflict with a desire for simple elegance and engraving cost constraints.

RosettaStone technology enhanced memorial products serve as a personal genealogical artifact with a service life that may exceed thousands of years.

RosettaStone memorial products offer:

  • 1. A break-through technology for the memorial industry
  • 2. Technology enhanced memorial products can be ordered pre-installed on a grave marker and included in an existing memorial package in most parts of North America and some European countries.
  • 3. RosettaStone memorial products work with all Internet enabled cell phones without the need to upload any software or additional product fees.
  • 4. RosettaStone memorial products are the first to incorporate new NFC-RFID wireless microchip technology that is encased in granite allowing site visitors to use touch-to-stone capabilities for those phones so enabled.
  • 5. Installation is optional for products such as the RosettaStone tablet that may alternatively serve as a historical family heirloom and genealogical artifact.

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