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Quiring Monuments

How do you find a meaningful gravestone for my special loved one?  Many memorials today are just meaningless grave marking devices.  Today they can be much more than just the name and dates with a nondescript flower roughly carved into a stone.

It all starts with the thoughtful compilation of particularly appropriate symbols and graphic elements.  Together with the proper typeface and maybe a photo of the deceased, it is then artistically carved into the highest quality granite to minimize maintenance and preserve contrast and beauty for centuries to come.

Quiring Monuments, Inc. crafts persons have over 400 years of combined experience, enabling them to create a remarkable gravestone for your loved one.  Their family-owned company designs and carves unique upright cemetery monuments, monubenches, headstones, cremation memorials and even pet markers that have been placed in cemeteries throughout the world.  In fact, they have won many international design awards and have also been featured on the History Channel, in the Wall Street Journal and even on the Paul Harvey radio show.

Just as each person is one-of-a-kind, each one of the headstones crafted by Quiring Monuments, Inc. can be customized via a complimentary consultation you can have with one of their Memorialization Experts.  From that personal discussion, they will provide you a free preliminary drawing that will get the process started.

For Over 100 Years the Quiring Monument Family Has Provided:

»  Personalized service in the design and manufacturing of memorials that tell a story.

»  Customer service that is above and beyond expectations.

»  A practical guarantee of craftsmanship that is backed by their family name and over 100 years of service in this field.

»  A full selection of granite and bronze memorials that range from large Private Mausoleums to pet markers and everything in between.

»  Highest quality granite colors from around the world to remember a special person.

»  They have seven in-house Memorial Experts to work hand-in-hand with you to make each monument absolutely perfect.

»  Many decades of long relationships with quarriers, manufacturers and sculptors insure that all memorials are of the highest quality.

Our Preferred Provider – Quiring Monuments