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Newport Coast White Dove Release

Newport Coast doves are a special pure white bird.  White doves are very loyal creatures and pair for life. They are a symbol love forever, good luck, and a path to heaven.

As the only white dove release company, Newport Coasts doves were used on the ABC TV series “The Bachelor ” for Jason and Molly’s Wedding at the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes CA.

This premium white dove release service is used for weddings, special events, and also to plan a funeral.  Make your wedding stand out from the rest.  Have a dove release for a funeral for a loved one. This will bring special meaning to the ceremony with a stronger connection with “God,” family members and friends.  We service most Los Angeles and Orange County wedding sites. We cover most cities in LA. and OC. for Wedding and funeral services. Other areas can be serviced as well.

Let Newport Coast white doves of love and hope bring an unforgettable experience to your celebration, memorial service or funeral.  This beautiful presentation brings inspiration to you and your guests.

Our Preferred Provider – Newport Coast White Dove Release