Funeral Music Includes Grief Songs

Grief Songs

New Memorial Services Ideas for Funeral Music

Paul Alexander and offer families a collection of grief songs for grief support, bereavement, hospice, funerals, hope and comfort.   These heartfelt funeral hymns bring acknowledgment, comfort and enriched meaning to the bereaved and those who travel the path with them.

Paul’s recording are among the many new memorial service ideas being utilized by church groups, funeral homes, hospices, hospitals, bereavement support groups and individuals for personal reflection and inspiration.

These grief songs were created as a unique type of funeral music for the bereaved was created to enhance memorials and assist the bereaved and those who serve them.

Planning a Memorial

Memorial services are the traditional opportunity to honor our loved one as well as a structured time and setting to bring ceremony and ritual to the expression of individual and communal grief. It is an occasion to give voice to the significance and meaning a person has had in our life.  It is a time of acknowledgment of the loss and a holding place for the emotions and memories.  Including a grief song can speak volumes of a loved one who has passed away and will forever be a melodic remembrance of their life.

Butterfly Release Song

Butterflies are messengers of joy and life. Paul Alexander has created a song that is perfect to enhance butterfly release ceremonies with an elegantly designed 80 page book featuring the lyrics, inspirational verses and award winning photos. This inspirational and gift package will bring hope and healing on the gentle wings of the butterfly as it shares the wonders of its transforming beauty.

Songs of Faith, Hope and Inspiration

Another CD by GriefSong, offers comfort and hope during times of such grief and loss.  They are also beautiful contemporary pieces in the Catholic and Christian music tradition. You will be moved by the prayerful and uplifting arrangements on these faith-based and liturgical songs. For listening and prayerful inspiration, this is a rare recording of some of the finest church music spanning thirty years.

For more information about Paul Alexander and GriefSong, please visit their website.