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Grief Support and Grief Counseling

Grieving people come in all shapes and sizes – widows, widowers, parents, and children. Sometimes the grief and loss is life’s most devastating kind…the death of a spouse, parent, child or close friend. Other times, grief comes in the form of a relationship ended or a job loss. Whatever its form, grief is worth understanding and worth working through via grief counseling, grief books and other forms of grief support.

The Founder of Corgenius, Amy Florian, testifies to that with her life. What many people don’t know is that grief support can be taught. Everyone can learn excellent ways to support all the grieving people who will cross their path in a lifetime.

Corgenius Offers Valuable Products and Services:

1. Deliver keynote addresses, workshops, and private corporate training.

2. Coach and grief support for individuals or small groups.

3. Draft custom letters and articles for your external communications.

4. Sell a set of products which enhance our service offerings.

Often, newly bereaved people lack the concentration and desire to read long or complex books. Therefore, several listings consist of short chapters in easy-to-read formats. We also list more substantial books, both for those who desire such information immediately and for those past the initial stages of grief and loss who need more extensive information. It is noted when a book is spiritual or religious, and where a clear denominational focus is present. In absence of such comments, presume the book to be secular in nature.

Corgenius also offers a 20-page version with over 60 recommended books. If you are interested in this comprehensive annotated bibliography, it is available in their “Store” by clicking on their link below. The comprehensive version contains information on books dealing with grief support, grief and loss, and covers a range of styles and several situational categories. Some are recent, most were published within the last 10 – 15 years, and a few are old workhorses, published long ago but still well worth reading.