Pet Funeral Service

Pet Loss and Pet Memorials

In order to help you spoil your fuzzy friends, Faithful Friends has created special and meaningful ways to capture and preserve the memories of a pet loss.  From fantastic photo backgrounds to magical settings, their Magic Pet Portraits will certainly bring joy to your heart. In addition, their Traditional Portrait Series offers pet owners an opportunity to create a treasured masterpiece of their precious pets on canvas, art paper, blankets, and other media.

Besides their traditional media of video, cards, portraits, and albums, they also offer pet lovers the latest new memorial technology for storing and sharing your pet’s life story. By creating a Pet Celebration, families can upload their favorite pet photos and music along with the stories of your pet.  And soon you’ll be able to generate e-cards with custom messages. For pet owners with “talkative pets”, they encourage you to record and upload your beloved pet’s voice to your Pet Celebration site. You may also choose to share their precious photos and recorded voice through our Faithful Friends RecordMe Album™ (coming soon).

Why Choose Faithful Friends as our Preferred Provider?

Faithful Friends is a special place for people who love their pets and view them as “one of the family”. To them, pets are more than just animals: they are furry friends, cuddly companions, precious babies and devoted faithful friends. Their goal is to help pet lovers celebrate the life of their healthy pets and honor the memory of those they lose.

As the creator of the most original pet portrait imagery on the planet, Faithful Friends and their Magic Pet Portraits provide pet owners a truly unique way to celebrate your precious pets. In addition to their hard copy albums, cards, and videos, (coming soon) pet lovers can share memories through their own personal online “Pet Celebration” sites.