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New Funeral Technology and Cremation Ideas

The innate desire, even emotional need to stay connected with the departed is a natural part of the human condition.  Memorials which were designed to honor the deceased have proven to ease grief and loss, lighten the load and relieve the stress of the mourning process.  In Victorian times, it was common for family members to ease the pain of loss and memorialize a loved one by wearing rings or pendants containing locks of hair from the deceased.  DNA2Diamonds has reinvented this tradition of centuries past.

Whilst there are many forms of memorial jewelry, a DNA2Diamond is a real diamond that is custom created from a lock of hair or a small amount of cremated remains, taken from a loved one or even the family pet.  These memorial diamonds are physically grown in an environmentally controlled laboratory, which replicates the same process that occurs over millions of years under the earth’s crust. The difference is the use of “personal carbon source” (vs. carbon deposits in the earth) which has been collected from one or more people.

DNA2Diamonds are available in various cuts, sizes and four elegant colors of red, yellow-green, cognac and blue and afford family members one of the most individually unique memorial opportunities available in current times. They represent a distinctive way to capture the essence of a loved one and allow family members to hold on to their memories by creating an heirloom that can be passed on to future generations.

While gemologically equivalent to earth-mined diamonds, DNA2Diamonds are more beautiful, more meaningful and more precious – because of their origins. They are individually unique as the lives they mirror and are truly the most special and personal keepsakes in the world.

Memorializing an individual who has passed can be an extremely helpful way to move forward with life following a loss.  Having an elegant, sparkling diamond as a reminder of the loved that was shared is a touching way to remember the good times and keep that emotional connection.  Because of this, DNA2Diamonds is creating cremation memorial diamonds that are becoming an increasingly popular way to create lasting memories that will always be close to the heart.

Capture a memory and hold on to love with memorial diamonds crafted by DNA2Diamonds.