Funeral Music and Custom Funeral Songs

Custom Funeral Songs

A Special Memorial Tribute to Heal and Remember

There are many reasons why people include funeral music at a funeral or memorial services.  For instance, particular funeral song may remind us of the person who has died and provide moments of precious memories. The lyrics of a funeral hymn may actually summarize how we’re feeling better than we are able to say it ourselves. When we are dealing with overwhelming grief, music has the ability to soothe and comfort us. When making funeral song and funeral music choices, remember that there are no rules about the type of music that is best for a memorial or funeral service.

Creating Custom Funeral Music

There’s no more fitting tribute to a loved one than creating a custom funeral song or funeral hymn.  Crafted especially for you, Anna Huckabee Tull’s funeral music creates an audible memorial to celebrate the life of someone special who has passed away.

A Custom Crafted Song will speak volumes to those who knew the departed and can be played endless times after the funeral or memorial service has concluded.  Some people choose to add their custom song to a video tribute as well, making a wonderful memorial to a special person.

Create your own custom funeral music in just three easy steps:

SONG INTERVIEW. An in-depth, and generally very uplifting and clarifying interview is done, in person or over the phone. No preparation required. It takes 1-2 hours.  At the conclusion, you can be rest assured that the essence of your message and story will be captured.

ROUGH-CUT RECORDING. You review the lyrics and a rough-cut recording. Any necessary fine-tuning will be made and a discussion of musical arrangements (guitar, piano, harmonies, etc.) will be had.

THE FINISHED PRODUCT. You will receive a studio-recorded CD, a lyric sheet, an originally-designed and signed CD cover which can include photos with lyrics and coaching on making your most successful “presentation” of the song.