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The reason the funeral program templates at The Funeral Program Site are so unique is because they are the only resource that provides a complete design presentation. These templates include a front, back, and inside coordinating design.   They are also available in 3 different software applications, so families can simply choose the funeral program template of their choice.

Funeral Programs

In spite of the circumstances – the unfortunate death of a family member – had it not been for the services and quality products offered by The Funeral Program Site, there would not have been an obituary search available for my mother.
Recent testimonial from a family member

Funeral homes are also realizing the features and benefits of The Funeral Program Site’s leading templates.  Below is a quote from a Funeral Director;

We needed to have more control over our funeral programs since almost every one of our families order them through us. We are so thankful to have found The Funeral Program Site.  Their simple and personalized templates have become an integral part of our funeral home, and a favorite among the families we serve. Very impressive funeral programs and even more impressive customer service!”

Features and Benefits of These Custom Funeral Programs:

• Easy-to-Use Software Makes is Simple to Create and Customize

• Only Funeral Program Company Offering Templates in 3 Different Software Applications
(Microsoft Word®, Publisher®, Apple iWork Pages®

• Complete Design Presentation – design for front, back, and inside page

• Pre-formatted and Pre-designed High Quality Templates

Funeral Programs

• Funeral Programs, Brochures, Graduated Style, Booklets, Funeral Prayer Cards, Thank You Notes

• Prints on Any Printer – From Your Home or Office

• New Designs and Styles Added Each Week

• Professional Customization Services – All Within ONE HOUR!

• Special CD packages for Funeral Homes and Funeral Directors

• Funeral Program Printing Services Also Available

• FREE Customer Support 7 days a week

About The Funeral Program Site:

The Funeral Program Site is a successful Graphic Design Studio located in Northern

Tri-fold Funeral Program

California, specializing in the creation of Funeral Program Templates. This service provides families who are faced with many of the funeral planning challenges to create funeral programs while keeping their funeral costs low.

The company currently creates an extensive line of templates to help ease the funeral planning preparations of the funeral or memorial service. The Funeral Program Site assists Funeral Directors and families from all over the world in creating beautiful and personalized funeral programs for their loved ones, all of which can be done by using an easy-to-use software program.

Established in 2008, they have quickly earned the reputation as the funeral industry’s most trusted resource for quality funeral programs using new funeral and memorial technology planning tools.   From the large selection of beautifully designed funeral programs and templates, families are able to select and create a memorial keepsake that is, cost effective, easily customizable, and high-quality.

The Funeral Program Site’s expertise in Microsoft Word®, Publisher® and Apple iWork Pages® provide the best customer and technical support you will find, which is included for FREE along with any purchase. It is this excellent customer service and support to families and funeral homes is what truly sets them apart.

Their goal is to support bereaved families and provide the assistance you need to create, prepare and produce a funeral memorial program that everyone will cherish. They work side-by-side with Funeral Homes and Funeral Directors to ensure they produce a special memorial program that their families will love and keep forever.

Our Preferred Provider – The Funeral Program Site